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Free Clarity

Start your journey to
building your body
confidence and finding your voice today......

What is a clarity session?

This Complimentary session is designed to discuss where you are now; your goals, your challenges,

and what support you are looking for.

It also allows us to get to know each other and see if we’d be a good match to work together.

This Session typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

This conversation alone will provide valuable insight and will leave with greater clarity and a vision of what your future could look like.

Snowy Mountain Sunset

My Coaching is for

  • Women who are ready to improve their lives

  • Women who are willing to put in the work

  • Women who are open to change

  • Women who want to be seen and heard

  • Women who are willing to invest in themselves

  • Women who like straight talking

My Coaching is not for

  • Women who are looking for a quick fix

  • Women who aren't willing to put in the work but still expect change

  • Women who are negative to change

  • Women who aren't willing to invest in their personal growth

My 12 week coaching programme is your shortcut

Whilst there is no quick fix, embarking on your personalised coaching programme - with my support and expertise - you will get to the end result much quicker than trying to figure it out yourself.

That's why all the great leaders, top performers, entrepreneurs and athletes have coaches!

"Fearless Communication"

Are you frustrated by the feeling

that your body image anxiety and

fear of speaking out is limiting

your personal and professional


My "Fearless Communication"

12-week one to one coaching

program is your transformative

roadmap to build your body

confidence and unlock the

power of your voice!

There are six core steps we work through

which I will personalise to your

specific requirements:

Step 1 - The Mirror Within

Through guided coaching sessions

you will dive into the depths of

self-awareness as you embark on a

journey to discover and embrace your

body image and unique voice. 

Step 2 - Bold Beyond Fear

Dare to be bold, discover strategies to

embrace your body, confront fear, push through  discomfort, and find the courage needed to use your voice.

Step 3 - Empowered Presence

Through targeted exercises, you'll learn

to banish self-doubt, embrace your

strengths, and project confidence

authentically, empowering you to

show up assertively.

Step 4 - Mindset Mastery

Discover techniques to reprogram your

subconscious mind, break free from

self-sabotage, and build a positive

mindset, empowering you to

achieve your fullest potential.

Step 5 - Communication Essentials

Learn how to overcome speaking anxiety,

articulate your thoughts with

clarity and conviction, and engage

with confidence in any situation.

Step 6 - Guide to Success

Together we will set ambitious yet

attainable goals, develop strategic

plans and determination needed

to overcome obstacles and

achieve your vision of success.

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