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"Why do we Fear Change?"

Because we naturally fear the unknown - it’s uncertain, it’s uncomfortable and it scares us. So much so even if something is making us unhappy, we fear changing it in case it makes it worse or we don’t succeed or we have to sacrifice something. So, we stay stuck and grow more unhappy.

I understand we have all been there. More than once probably and you might be there right now so how do we get over the fear and make the necessary changes?

A great and simple way to start is make a list of your thoughts of where you are stuck right now and then challenge each one with a question like “If I don’t make any changes how will this affect me in the future?”. This will give you a clear visual of your choice and then you can plan your way out taking into account any pitfalls you will hit along the way so you are ready for them.

The saying “feel the fear and do it anyway is so true”

Visualise yourself getting unstuck, moving forward and focus on that feeling.

Can you feel the excitement it’s like going on holiday to a new place

Then comes the feeling of empowerment of you taking control and it not controlling you

The sense of accomplishment when you achieve it and the confidence boost it gives you

Feeling the freedom that comes from removing the constraints that have held you

And then the joy, fulfilment and happiness it brings into your life

That’s true fulfilment and the feeling is so powerful it will spark your adventurous spirit and you’ll get curious and you’ll want to do it again and again. That continuous growth and adapting to change will fill up and overflow your happiness cup.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m ready, I want to feel the joy of fulfilment then my Free “Stuck to Empowered” workbook is a great place to start.

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