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Build your body confidence and find your voice...

Are you a women who feels anxious about speaking out?

You know exactly what you want to say but then fear takes over? You are not alone! I understand the challenges when it comes to expressing yourself confidently and I designed my Empowerment Coaching for women just like you.

I believe that every woman has the potential to show up confidently and make her voice heard.

The choice you make now will define your next chapter.

Choose to invest in yourself.  Together we can create a plan of action to build your body confidence and unlock the power of your voice.

Or, you could stay unconfident, unheard and unseen, becoming more frustrated and unhappy!


So you're ready to find your voice!


Uncover the root of your
fears and anxiety

As an Empowerment Coach, I will support you with proven strategies, techniques and tools to uncover not just the symptoms but the underlying beliefs or mindset patterns that are holding you back.


Together, we will create a plan of change - that gets you so excited - you will do anything to achieve it. I will be by your side, holding you accountable every step of the way.

I am committed to helping you with your personal growth and finding your voice because I know how you feel.

I know the changes that a powerful coaching partnership can achieve. 

Client Testimonial

Working with Belinda was a game changer from the beginning. She immediately made me feel comfortable by her friendly smile and encouraging tone and manner. She began by asking questions through what seemed like chit chat, but before I knew it, I was opening up to things that I had boxed up deep down inside. She inspired me to face them and use them in a positive way to move forward. 

Darshana - Portsmouth

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