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"Unlocking the Happiness Within"

Updated: Jan 26

Question "Ever wonder why you're feeling unhappy?

Feeling unhappy sometimes is normal but if you feel unhappy more than you feel happy isn’t it time to start exploring why?

Step 1 – Understanding Me:

Dig deep and identify truly where you are now and what needs to change for you to achieve your “Happy” goals. Are you living a life set by other people or to make other people happy instead of asking yourself what would make you truly happy?

Step 2 - Setting “Happy” Goals:

Take time to think about the goals you want to achieve that will make you happy. What truly matters to you, what are your aspirations, do they make you smile and do they align with your values and beliefs?

Step 3 – What’s holding me back:

Pinpoint any limiting beliefs or negative self-talk as these are often deeply ingrained from our experiences over the years. Recognising them is the initial step toward rewriting them.

Step 4 – Owning your Choices:

Understand that every choice you have made has contributed to your unhappiness but by taking responsibility even when it’s difficult is the only way to empower yourself to change in a way that will help you achieve your “Happy” goals.

Step 5 – How to Achieve your “Happy” Goals:

Add positive affirmations into your daily routine, establish clear boundaries, embrace change, learn from any setbacks and enlist help by surrounding yourself with positive people that want you to achieve your “Happy” goals.

Step 6 - Vision Boarding Your “Happy” Future:

Craft a vision board or create a visual representation of the “Happy “ goals you want to achieve. Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your desired reality and living your “Happy” life.

Taking back control of your life is an ongoing process of self-discovery, empowerment, and intentional living.

By rewriting your goals you are shaping a life that reflects your truest self and one that will make you truly “HAPPY”.

I am your stepping stone, supporting you to empower yourself to live “Happier” than you ever thought possible.

Want to know more about my support?

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