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"Roadblocks on the Path to Success"

Updated: Jan 26

The stepping stones to success come with roadblocks and obstacles, by taking time to work out what they are and how you are going to overcome them you’re far more likely to reach your desired destination.

It’s like driving to a new place without a map or Sat Nav how much longer will it take to get there, will you get there or will you give up.

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection and exploration, here are 5 questions to help you plan and prepare for those roadblocks and obstacles:

1) Reflections - What are your current goals and aspirations? Take some time to write them down. Are there specific areas where you feel progress is slow or stagnant? Explore the factors contributing to any challenges.

2) Fears - What fears or uncertainties are you currently facing in relation to your goals? Dive into the specifics of these fears. How might they be influencing your decisions and actions?

3) Limits - What beliefs do you hold about yourself and your capabilities? Are there any negative or limiting beliefs that might be acting as roadblocks? Write down these beliefs and challenge them with positive alternatives.

4) Resistances - Explore any resistance you might have towards change. Are there specific aspects of your goals that trigger discomfort or resistance? Write about your feelings and consider ways to shift your perspective.

5) Skills - List the skills and knowledge required to achieve your goals. Are there gaps in your current skill set or knowledge base? Write about how acquiring new skills or knowledge could remove roadblocks.

Allow yourself the freedom to express your thoughts openly and without judgment.

If you find this difficult to do on your own join our private Facebook group “The Pink Empowerment Hub” to get non-judgemental support from like-minded ladies.

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