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"Money is the Sticking Plaster"

Updated: Feb 10

How often do you spend money on buying the next thing, the next experience or a fleeting moment of joy to make you happy?

It is one of the biggest ways in which we misuse money by seeking happiness in external factors. This creates a temporary illusion of happiness which is often short lived and fails to address the deeper emotional needs that contribute to our long-term well-being.

The more wealth and possessions you accumulate, the bigger your expectations and desires get. The initial thrill of acquiring something new tends to fade quickly, leaving us yearning for the next source of gratification.

While money can indeed enhance our lives, its potential to contribute to happiness lies in how we allocate it. The imbalance in prioritizing material gains over emotional investments leads to a sense of emptiness and unhappiness, despite financial abundance.

So if you’re success has been gained through a consumer driven life that links happiness to possessions, achievements, expectations or lifestyles and you’re still not feeling fulfilled and you’re looking for the next thing, has your perception been distorted, is the sticking plaster losing its stick?

If you’re feeling this way, you know deep down something has to change so why not book a discovery session with me, link is in the first comment and see how an hour of free coaching can make you feel, because the only way to break free from the cycle of using money as a sticking plaster, is to adopt a different mindset to spending.

My empowerment coaching is underpinned with the “Mindset Mastery Pillar” where I help you to rewire your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes which will lead you to a purposeful, fulfilled and all-round happy life.

Is this what you want? What would it be worth to you to have it all? Are you ready to change?

So instead of asking can I afford to, ask yourself how much longer can you afford not to?

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